Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Digital Media

The certificate program is designed to provide proficiency in digital media production. The program includes courses that develop conceptual and technical foundations, a sequence in 3D modeling and animation, as well as at least two courses in interactivity.

Upon transcript and portfolio review, up to 12.0 credits may be transferred into the program. For additional information on requirements and how to apply, visit the Drexel Admissions page for Digital Media.

Required Courses
ANIM 141Computer Graphic Imagery3.0
ANIM 211Animation I3.0
ANIM 212Animation II3.0
DIGM 100Digital Design Tools3.0
DIGM 110Digital Spatial Visualization3.0
DIGM 252Multimedia Timeline Design3.0
WBDV 240Web Authoring I3.0
WBDV 241Vector Authoring I3.0
Select one the following courses:3.0
Digital Compositing
Digital Storytelling
Explorations in New Media
Overview of Computer Gaming
Vector Authoring II
Select one of the following computer programming sequences:6.0-9.0
Computer Programming I
   and Computer Programming II
CS 131
  & CS 132
  & CS 133
Computer Programming A
   and Computer Programming B
   and Computer Programming C
Total Credits33.0-36.0

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