Post-Master's Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admission Requirements: Master's degree
Certificate Type: Post-Master's
Number of Credits to Completion: 41.5
Instructional Delivery: Campus
Calendar Type: Quarter
Maximum Time Frame: 3 years
Financial Aid Eligibility: Aid eligible

Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code: 51.2302
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 29-1129
Gainful Employment Disclosure


About the Program

Dance/movement therapy is a body/mind-integrated approach to psychotherapy that uses expressive dance and movement processes to encourage the integration of emotional, cognitive, social, and physical functioning. Dance/movement therapy emphasizes the non-verbal realm of movement, touch, rhythm, and spatial interactions, as well as the congruence and connections between verbal and nonverbal modes of expression. 

In this program, students build a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and clinical application in dance/movement therapy (DMT). The program teaches and balances the art of DMT with the science that supports it. Using diagnostic knowledge, developmental and systems theories, and observational skills based in Laban Movement Analysis, our students learn to assess client functioning and formulate treatment goals. Using their expertise in the dance/movement modality and interactive, improvisational processes, students learn to address the patient’s needs in both group and individual therapy formats. They may design creative group tasks for fostering interaction and cohesion, or to guide an individual through a personal conflict or challenge.


Admission requirements for the certificate program are similar to those for the MA program in Dance/Movement Therapy.


The Post-Master’s Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy consists of specialized coursework and supervised clinical experience. For those already holding a master’s degree in a clinical mental health field, this certificate program will help prepare the learner for the Dance Therapist Registered credential (R-DMT) from the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board through the "Alternate Route".

Courses in the certificate program address categories delineated by the ADTA for Alternate Route Training in DMT:

  • theory and practice in the field of dance/movement therapy
  • movement observation and analysis

For the categories delineated by the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board in general mental health topics, the Department of Creative Arts Therapies offers courses for additional fees. Because the certificate courses are offered in the context of a master's DMT program that is approved by the American Dance Therapy Association, the courses qualify as approved for Alternate Route training in DMT.

Certificate courses can be taken on a part time basis over two or more years. The certificate program offers the requisite fieldwork and internship components on an optional basis for additional fees.

For additional information about admission to the program, visit the College of Nursing and Health Professions Creative Arts in Therapy web site.

Required Courses
ARTS 501Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy I2.0
ARTS 502Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy II2.0
ARTS 519Neuroscience: Concepts and Applications for Creative Arts Therapy 3.0
ARTS 552Therapy Relationship Skills I2.0
ARTS 553Therapy Relationship Skills II2.0
ARTS 554Movement Observation I2.0
ARTS 555Laban Movement Analysis Lab1.0
ARTS 556Movement Observation II2.0
ARTS 557Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice - Children I2.0
ARTS 558Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice - Children II2.0
ARTS 559Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy History and Literature1.0
ARTS 563Movement Perspectives in Human Development2.0
ARTS 564Group Dynamics and Therapy II: Dance/Movement Therapy2.0
ARTS 651Medical Dance/Movement Therapy1.0
ARTS 654Dance/Movement Therapy Theory and Practice III: Adults2.0
ARTS 655Multicultural Perspectives in Therapy II: Dance/Movement Therapy2.0
ARTS 656Mental Health Applications of Movement Analysis I2.0
ARTS 657Mental Health Applications of Movement Analysis II2.0
ARTS 661Family Dance/Movement Therapy: A Systems Approach2.0
ARTS 662Advanced Group Dance/Movement Therapy Skills I2.0
ARTS 663Advanced Group Dance/Movement Therapy Skills II2.0
ARTS 699Independent Study in Creative Arts Therapy1.5
Recommended Electives
Clinical Internship I
Clinical Internship II
Clinical Internship III
The Kestenberg Movement Profile
Dance/Movement Therapy Advanced Group Supervision I
Dance/Movement Therapy Advanced Group Supervision II
Dance/Movement Therapy Advanced Group Supervision III
Total Credits41.5
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