Post-Master's Certificate in Music Therapy

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admissions Requirements: Master's degree
Certificate Type: Post-Master's Certificate
Number of Credits to Completion: 52.0
Instructional Delivery: Campus
Calendar Type: Quarter
Expected Time to Completion: 3 years
Financial Aid Eligibility: Aid eligible

Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code: 51.2305
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 29-1129
Gainful Employment Disclosure


About the Program

The Post-Master's Certificate in Music Therapy program is designed to help students develop advanced music therapy clinical skills in an academic health center setting. The program is the only music therapy training model housed in an academic health center. It is unique in that faculty members include mental health and medical professionals who assist students in integrating music therapy with current developmental, neuroscience, mental health, and medical foundations.

Didactic and clinical aspects are balanced to provide a foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The evidence-informed curriculum integrates knowledge of music therapy with current theoretical approaches to assessment and treatment. Experiential core and music therapy modality courses are designed to help students develop the use of the self within the music therapy relationship.

 About the Certificate

The certificate program is a 52.0 quarter credit course of study designed to meet the needs of qualified individuals who seek to become eligible to sit for the Board Certification Exam from the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). The certificate program is designed for those with a master’s degree in another clinical mental health specialty who wish to add a specialization in music therapy with eligibility to sit for the Board Certification exam, administered by the Certification board for Music Therapists. Each of the following courses addresses one or more competency areas delineated by the American Music Therapy Association. All are taught at the graduate level.


Admission requirements for the certificate program are similar to those for the MA program in Music Therapy. For additional information about admission to the program, visit the College of Nursing and Health Professions' Creative Arts Therapies web site.

Required Courses
ARTS 501Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy I2.0
ARTS 502Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy II2.0
ARTS 503Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy III2.0
ARTS 510Clinical Practicum I: Observation1.0
ARTS 511Clinical Practicum II1.0
ARTS 512Clinical Practicum III1.0
ARTS 573Clinical Musical Improvisation I2.0
ARTS 574Clinical Musical Improvisation II2.0
ARTS 575Theories in Music Therapy I2.0
ARTS 577Music Therapy Skills I2.0
ARTS 578Music Therapy Skills II: Child Skills2.0
ARTS 579Music Therapy Skills III: Technological Applications2.0
ARTS 580Psychology of Music2.0
ARTS 581Music Therapy Group Supervision I1.0
ARTS 582Music Therapy Group Supervision II1.0
ARTS 583Music Therapy Group Supervision III1.0
ARTS 610Clinical Internship I3.0
ARTS 611Clinical Internship II3.0
ARTS 612Clinical Internship III3.0
ARTS 670Advanced Music Therapy Skills I2.0
ARTS 671Advanced Music Therapy Skills II2.0
ARTS 672Multicultural Perspectives in Music Therapy2.0
ARTS 673Advanced Music Therapy Group Supervision I1.0
ARTS 674Advanced Music Therapy Group Supervision II1.0
ARTS 675Advanced Music Therapy Group Supervision III1.0
ARTS 676Theories in Music Therapy II2.0
ARTS 677Advanced Music Therapy Skills III - Group2.0
ARTS 678Clinical Internship Laboratory: Musical Analysis1.0
NEUR 534Neuroscience3.0
Total Credits52.0

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