Graduate Minor in Bioinformatics

About the Graduate Minor

The Graduate Minor in Bioinformatics aims to train graduate students in core areas of bioinformatics through an interdisciplinary approach. Students are introduced to biocomputational programming languages and bioinformatics data analysis tasks. Students pursue further in-depth training in genomic data science topics including systems biology, molecular analyses and genomic technologies.

Key characteristics of the Bioinformatics Graduate Minor are:

  • Designed for graduate students in science, health, engineering and mathematical related programs.
  • Requires courses in programming, machine learning, and genomics (12-15 credits).
  • Can be completed in three quarters.
  • Requires interdisciplinary study.

Drexel graduate student in STEM or Health Science related disciplines are eligible to enroll.

Program Requirements

Depending on their background, students may find one of the following courses to be helpful in preparation for this graduate minor0.0
Biomedical Statistics
Fundamentals of Deterministic Digital Signal Processing
Fundamentals of Statistical Digital Signal Processing
Chemistry of the Environment
Applied Probability and Statistics I
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science Foundations
Introduction to Statistical Computing
Program Requirements *
Programming. Select One from the list below:3.0-4.0
Biocomputational Languages
Advanced Biocomputational Languages
Programming Foundations
Advanced Programming Techniques
Machine Learning. Select one from the list below:3.0
Machine Learning in Biomedical Applications
Machine Learning
Introductory Genomics. Select one course from the list below:3.0-4.0
Bioinformatics I
Genome Information Engineering
Genomic Signal Processing
Advanced Genomics. Select one course from the list below:3.0-4.0
Quantitative Systems Biology
Structural Bioinformatics and Drug Design
Genomic and Sequencing Technologies
Statistical Analysis of Genomics
Computational Biophysics
Total Credits12.0-15.0
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