Biological Science

Major: Biological Science
Degree Awarded: Master of Science (MS)
Calendar Type: Semester
Total Credit Hours: 83.0
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 26.0101; 26.0102
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 19-1029

About the Program

The Master of Science in Biological Science (MBS) program combines the former one-year Medical Science Preparatory (MSP) program curriculum with the Master of Science in Biological Science (MBS) curriculum into a two-year Master’s program. Starting in Academic Year 2016-2017, the program curriculum will be offered as MS in Biomedical Studies (MBS) program.

In the first year, students take advanced undergraduate courses in physics and chemistry, graduate courses in biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, psychology and laboratory techniques, and a year-long dedicated MCAT preparation course. At the end of the year, students sit for the MCAT and complete a summer research project. Students transition into the second year of the program after successful completion of the first year curriculum (minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 and all courses with passing grades). During the second year, students take rigorous coursework in biochemistry, physiology, cell biology & histology and neuroanatomy, utilizing the IMS medical school-equivalent lectures and laboratory materials, as well as an ethics and a professionalism course, to complete the MS degree.

Additional Information

For more information about the program, visit the College of Medicine Master of Science in Biological Science web page.

Degree Requirements

Required MS Courses
IMSP 502SMedicine and Society I3.0
IMSP 503SMedicine and Society II2.0
IMSP 510SMedical Biochemistry I7.5
IMSP 511SMedical Biochemistry II0.5
IMSP 520SMedical Physiology I3.5
IMSP 521SMedical Physiology II3.5
IMSP 540SCell Biology & Microanatomy I5.0
IMSP 541SCell Biology and Microanatomy II3.0
IMSP 560SMedical Neuroscience6.0
Summer Research Project
MSPP 550SResearch Project2.0
Additional Non-required Courses
Medical Immunology *
Medical Nutrition *
Total Credits36.0


These courses are optional and not necessary for the completion of the MS degree.

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