Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admissions Requirements: Bachelor's degree
Certificate Type: Graduate
Number of Credits to Completion: 24.0
Instructional Delivery: Campus, Hybrid, Online
Calendar Type: Semester
Expected Time to Completion: 2 years
Financial Aid Eligibility: Not aid eligible

About the Program

The School of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies offers the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (IHS) certificate program. IHS is designed to provide students an opportunity to learn about the many professional venues through which medicine is practiced and health care delivered in this country, while taking graduate electives in a variety of medical and health related-sciences. Through rigorous coursework, students will be able to prepare for a broad spectrum of professional opportunities within the health sciences.

Students take 12.0-18.0 credits per semester for a minimum of 24.0 total credits, working with the program director to select the courses that best suit their career goals. For those students wishing to pursue medical school, an optional MCAT preparatory course is offered during the spring semester through the program. 

For more information about  the program, visit the College of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Certificate program page.

Required Courses
IHS 500SCareer Counseling in the Health Sciences Seminar I1.0
Working with an advisor, students select four courses from the following: 11.0
Ethical Issues in Research
Intro to Clinical Trials
Scientific Wriring and Medical Literature
Current Federal Regulatory Issues in Biomedical Research
Pharmaceutical Law
Leadership Skills
Fundamentals of Compliance
Informatics in Pharm Res & Development
Organizational Management
Animal Anatomy
Animal Models for Biomedical Research
Fundamentals of Histology
Histotechnology I
Medical Microbiology I
Graduate Pharmacology
Concepts in Bioch & Cell Biolo
Required Courses
IHS 501SCareer Counseling in the Health Sciences Seminar II1.0
IHS 502SNeuropharmacology3.0
MSPP 525SCommunity Dimensions of Medici2.0
Working with an advisor, students select two additional courses from the following: 6.0
Principles of Epidemiology
Biology & Care Of Lab Animals
Medical Microbiology II
Special Topics in Anatomy
Biological Function & Regulation
Pharmaceutical Law
Total Credits24.0


For more information, visit the Drexel University College of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Health Sciences web page

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the program are required to have a bachelor’s degree from a US accredited institution or its equivalent. The applicant should have successfully completed a year of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics with respective laboratory sections and have a GPA of approximately 2.50 or better. In addition, students should have approximately a 15 or better on the MCAT exam with no science section below 5, comparable scores from other health professional aptitude exams (i.e., DAT), or have scores near the 50th percentile on the general GRE. The admissions committee reviews each application in its entirety for consideration.

The program's application can be found on the College of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Certificate Admissions web page.

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