Economics and Computer Science

Major: Economics and Computer Science
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Economics & Computer Science (MSECCS)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 45.0
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 45.0603
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code:

About the Program

Advanced computing is disrupting the economy.  Markets are increasingly moving to online platforms, and machine learning and algorithms are replacing people in the provision of services. Businesses and governments need leaders who understand the computer science that powers these new systems and who can also use economic theory and intuition to help design them.  

The Drexel LeBow MS in Economics & Computer Science degree serves this need by combining training in advanced computation data analysis, and economics to prepare students to drive decisions at the interconnection of these two fields.

Admission Requirements

Bachelors degree. GRE or GMAT. Two letter of recommendation. Statement of purpose. For more information please contact Lori Miceli or 215-895-0975.

Degree Requirements

Economics Requirements
ECON 540Intro to Econometrics and Data Analysis3.0
or STAT 610 Statistics for Business Analytics
or STAT 601 Business Statistics
ECON 548Mathematical Economics3.0
ECON 550Econometrics3.0
ECON 560Time Series Econometrics3.0
ECON 610Microeconomics3.0
ECON 614Macroeconomics3.0
or ECON 631 International Macroeconomics
ECON 700Economics Seminar3.0
Computer Science Requirements
Select six of the following courses: *18.0
Fundamentals of Databases
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science Foundations
Data Structures and Algorithms I
Theory of Computation
Programming Foundations
Advanced Programming Techniques
Software Design
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Graduate-level electives6.0
Total Credits45.0

Sample Plan of Study

Term 1Credits
ECON 540Intro to Econometrics and Data Analysis3.0
ECON 548Mathematical Economics3.0
CS Required Elective3.0
 Term Credits9.0
Term 2
ECON 550Econometrics3.0
ECON 614Macroeconomics3.0
CS Required Elective3.0
 Term Credits9.0
Term 3
ECON 560Time Series Econometrics3.0
CS Required Elective3.0
 Term Credits9.0
Term 4
ECON 610Microeconomics3.0
CS Required Electives6.0
 Term Credits9.0
Term 5
ECON 700Economics Seminar3.0
CS Required Elective3.0
 Term Credits9.0
Total Credit: 45.0

Economics and Computer Science Faculty

Marco Airaudo, PhD (University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia). Associate Professor. Computational economics, international economics, macroeconomics and monetary economics.
Patricia Awerbuch, MBA (Drexel University). Assistant Clinical Professor. Performance of on-campus students in an online classroom designed for distance learners; business professors.
Richard Barnett, PhD (University of Minnesota). Clinical Professor. Economic theory, macroeconomics.
Sebastien Bradley, PhD (University of Michigan). Associate Professor. Public finance, international economics, applied econometrics, real estate.
Mian Dai, PhD (Northwestern University). Associate Professor. Managerial economics and strategy, applied economietrics, industrial organization.
Pia DiGirolamo, PhD (Purdue University). Assistant Clinical Professor. Macroeconomics, international finance.
Shawkat M. Hammoudeh, PhD (University of Kansas). Professor. Applied econometrics, financial economics, international economics, and natural resource economics.
Teresa D. Harrison, PhD (University of Texas Austin) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Innovation, Academic Director of the Center for Nonprofit Governance. Associate Professor. Econometrics, public finance, industrial organization, empirical microeconomics including health and nonprofit organizations.
Paul E. Jensen, PhD (Penn State University) Dean, LeBow College of Business. Associate Professor. International trade. Primary research interest is international trade, particularly in empirical studies of international trade patterns.
Bang Nam Jeon, PhD (Indiana University) Department of Economics and International Business. Professor. Financial economics, world financial market linkages, foreign direct investment flows in the Asia-Pacific economies, the Korean economy: currency crisis, FDI, and macroeconomic issues, regional economic integration and newly industrializing economies: the
Stephen Joyce, MA (Temple University). Assistant Clinical Professor. Education and human capital.
Andre Kurmann, PhD (University of Virginia). Associate Professor. Computational economics, financial economics, labor economics, macroeconomics and monetary economics.
Christopher A. Laincz, PhD (Duke University) Director, LeBow College of Business PhD program. Associate Professor. Economic development, technological change, and growth, industrial organization, macroeconomics and monetary economics.
Vibhas Madan, PhD (Michigan State University) Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs. Professor. International trade theory, applied microeconomics.
Roger A. McCain, PhD (Louisiana State University). Professor. Computational economics, game theory.
Bruce D. McCullough, PhD (University of Texas Austin). Professor. Applied Econometrics, Data Mining, Econometric Techniques, Reliability of Statistical and Econometric Software.
Irina Murtazashvili, PhD (Michigan State University). Assistant Professor. Applied econometrics.
Maria Olivero, PhD (Duke University). Associate Professor. Macroeconomics, international finance.
Eydis Olsen, MA (American University). Associate Clinical Professor. Macroeconomics, political economy.
Tristan Potter, PhD (Boston College). Assistant Professor. Macroeconomics, labor economics, search theory
Konstantinos Serfes, PhD (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana). Professor. Industrial organization, microeconomics, game theory.
Ricardo Serrano-Padial, PhD (University of California at San Diego). Assistant Professor. Microeconomics theory, information economics with applications in finance, macroeconomics and industrial organization.
Mark Stehr, PhD (University of California at Berkeley) Interim Director, School of Economics. Associate Professor. Health economics, health behaviors, public finance, public policy.
Constantinos Syropoulos, PhD (Yale University) Trustee Professor of International Economics. Professor. International trade, political economy, applied microeconomics.
Yoto Yotov, PhD (Boston College). Associate Professor. International trade, applied microeconomics, political economy.
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