Professional Development Certificates in Education Improvement and Transformation

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree
Certificate Type: Professional Development
Number of Credits to Completion: 9.0 - 16.5
Instructional Delivery: Campus, Online
Calendar Type: Quarter
Expected Time to Completion: 1 year
Financial Aid Eligibility: Not aid eligible

About the Certificates

The certificates are designed to prepare professional educators and others to lead transformative (reform) initiatives in formal and informal education sectors through a professional development grounded model.

Each concentration addresses key topics pertinent to the improvement of PK-adult education.

In addition to being stand-alone certificates, four of these may be "stacked" within the MS in Education Improvement and Transformation to create a total of 36.0 credits toward graduation of that degree program.

Professional Development (PD) Certificates

Collaborative Special Education Law and Process

Required Courses
EDEX 600Family, School and Community Engagement in Special Education3.0
EDEX 601Special Education Advocacy3.0
EDEX 602Special Education Dispute Resolution and Skills Training3.0
Total Credits9.0

Creativity & Innovation Concentration

Required Courses
CRTV 502Tools and Techniques in Creativity3.0
CRTV 503Creativity in the Workplace3.0
CRTV 650Current Trends in Creativity & Innovation3.0
Total Credits9.0


E-Learning Leadership

Required Courses
ELL 501The Purpose and Business of E-Learning3.0
ELL 502E-Learning Technologies3.0
ELL 503Teaching and Learning Issues in E-Learning3.0
Total Credits9.0

Education Innovation and Transformation: Evaluation and Assessment Concentration

Required Courses
EDHE 680Foundations of Evaluation3.0
EDHE 682The Evaluation Process3.0
EDUC 804Program Evaluation in Organizations3.0
Total Credits9.0


Educational Policy Concentration

Required Courses
EDPO 620Education Policy: Concepts, Issues, and Applications3.0
EDPO 628American Educational Policy and U.S. Competitiveness3.0
EDPO 632Ethics in Educational Policy Making3.0
Total Credits9.0


Instructional Design

Required Courses
EDLT 550Introduction to Instructional Design3.0
EDLT 554Learning with Social Media and Mobiles3.0
EDUC 811Designing and Developing Multimedia Applications For Learning3.0
Total Credits9.0

Leadership in Educational Settings Concentration

Course Requirements
EDHE 680Foundations of Evaluation3.0
EDHE 682The Evaluation Process3.0
EDUC 804Program Evaluation in Organizations3.0
Total Credits9.0


Learning in Game-based Environments

Required Courses
EDLT 541Foundations of Game-Based Learning3.0
EDLT 542Research in Motivation & Game-based Learning3.0
EDLT 543Play & Learning in a Participatory Culture3.0
Total Credits9.0



Learning Technologies Concentration

Required Courses
EDLT 537Technologies for Performance Support3.0
EDLT 538New Media Literacies3.0
EDUC 532Designing Virtual Communities for Staff Development - Non-Field Experience3.0
Total Credits9.0

Multisensory Reading Instruction

Required Courses
EDLS 620Applied Methods in Multisensory Reading Instruction1.0
EDLS 621Multisensory Reading Instruction K/12.0
EDLS 622Basic Word Study I3.0
EDLS 623Basic Word Study II3.0
EDLS 624Multisensory Practicum I1.5
EDLS 625Multisensory Practicum II1.5
Total Credits12.0

Special Education Leadership

Required Courses
EDEX 710School Law & Policy in Special Education3.0
EDEX 712Instructional & Curriculum Leadership in Special Education3.0
EDEX 714Development, Supervision, & Support: Special Education Leadership3.0
Total Credits9.0


Technologies for Special Education

Required Courses
EDEX 552Integrating Technology for Learning & Achievement4.5
EDEX 570Integrating Assistive Technology for Individuals with High Incident Disabilities3.0
EDEX 572Integrating Assistive Technology for Individuals with Low Incident Disabilities3.0
EDUC 535Researching & Evaluating Instructional Technology3.0
ELL 504Learning Technologies & Disabilities3.0
Total Credits16.5


Urban Education

Required Courses
EDAM 500Leading in Urban, Rural and Suburban Settings3.0
EDUC 516Diversity and Today's Teacher3.0
EDUC 561Mediating and Resolving Conflict in School Settings3.0
Total Credits9.0
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