Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certificate: Elementary Education Special Education Concentration

The special education PreK-8 certification program seeks to produce professionals who are equipped with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to meet the needs of students at risk for school failure and students with disabilities in multiple settings.

This certificate program focuses on students from the prekindergarten to middle school levels. The special education PreK-8 certification program is intended for those interested in gaining greater skills and expertise in the area of PreK-8 special education and a teaching certificate in the area of PreK-8 special education. Candidates seeking PA special education PreK-8 certification must have an active PA Instructional I or Instructional II teaching certificate in an area within the PreK-8 range.

This program is a part-time graduate program consisting of 31.5 credits in core special education PreK-8 certification courses. For students that have not completed the prerequisite courses, the program will require 40.5 credits: 31.5 credits in core special education PreK-8 certification courses and 9 credits in prerequisite courses.

The program is designed for currently certified teachers who wish to obtain special education PreK-8 certification in Pennsylvania. Out of state teachers may also earn their PA special education PreK-8 certification if they transfer their current teacher certification to PA.

The courses cover all required state and federal regulations related to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Chapter 49 as well as the PA General Standards for Special Education and the standards outlined by the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC).

Pre-requisites for Certification in Special Education (PreK-8)
Students must have completed the following courses in order to apply for a Pennsylvania Special Education PreK-8 certification. All students entering the post-bachelor's certificate program after 2011 should have had these core courses in their initial certification program. If a student has not completed the following three courses, they should be taken to apply for special education certification:

EDEX 542Fundamentals of Special Education3.0
EDEX 544The Inclusive Classroom3.0
EDEX 546Literacy and Content Skill Development PreK-83.0


Core Certification Courses
EDEX 547Special Education Processes PreK-84.5
EDEX 548Emotional and Behavioral Support of Individuals with Disabilities4.5
EDEX 549High Incident Disabilities4.5
EDEX 550Teaching Individuals with Low Incident Disabilities4.5
EDEX 551Pervasive Developmental Disorders4.5
EDEX 552Integrating Technology for Learning & Achievement4.5
EDEX 553Special Education: Methods & Practices PreK-84.5
Total Credits31.5

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