Graduate Minor in Arts and Community Health

About the Graduate Minor

The arts reflect the complexity of being human. They have been linked to transformation and empowerment at all levels of the Social Ecological Model (SEM). They can foster community engagement and social inclusion, build meaning, identity and a sense of place. The array of arts that relate to health is vast. Arts and community health can involve performance arts (e.g., theater, puppetry), media arts (e.g., radio, film, video), musical arts (e.g., choral groups, orchestra), visual and photographic arts (e.g., murals, photography, mosaics), writing arts (e.g., poetry, stories), movement arts (e.g, dance, Tai Chi and food arts).

The minor in Arts and Community Health at the Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health builds on Philadelphia's renowned commitment to the arts and community, and strengthens the Community Health and Prevention Department's and the Dornsife School of Public Health's focus on neighborhoods, resilience, social determinants of health, and addressing disparities. It also builds on the growing evidence base linking the built environment, creative arts and health (i.e., creative placemaking) as well as the global "Arts and Health" movement focused on social change.

Admission Requirements

The graduate minor in Arts and Community Health is open to all graduate students at Drexel University.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
CHP 530Arts for Community Health and Wellbeing3.0
CHP 531Community-Engaged Practice in Arts and Community Health3.0
Electives (Choose Two)6.0
Dornsife School of Public Health
Community Based Prevention Practices
Multicultural Competence in Community Health and Prevention
Community Organizing and Community Assessment for Health and Wellness
Theory & Practice of Community Health and Prevention II
Community Based Participatory Research
Introduction to Urban Health
Violence, Trauma and Adversity in Public Health
Public Health Advocacy and Activism
Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design
Arts Entrepreneurship
Arts in Education
Creative Placemaking
Community Cultural Planning
Political Activism in the Arts
Civic Engagement & Participatory Methods
Urbanism, Health & the Built Environment
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Foundations of the Creative Arts Therapies
Center for Food and Hospitality Management
Culture and Gastronomy
School of Education
Foundations in Creativity
Tools and Techniques in Creativity
Diagnostic Creative Intervention
Total Credits12.0

Additional Information

Amanda Keefer, EdM
Program Manager
Department of Community Health and Prevention

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