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FMVD 215 Narrative Video Production 3.0 Credits

This course applies the basic skills learned in Screenwriting, Shooting and Lighting, Sound, Editing and Directing towards the creation of a fictional narrative film with increased emphasis on intermediate production and post-production technologies.

College/Department: Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts Design
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Cannot enroll if classification is Freshman
Prerequisites: FMVD 110 [Min Grade: D] and FMVD 115 [Min Grade: D] and FMVD 120 [Min Grade: D] and FMVD 202 [Min Grade: D] and SCRP 280 [Min Grade: D]

Animation and Visual Effects

...II 3.0 ANIM 215 History of Animation...Digital Storytelling 3.0 FMVD 206 Audio Production...

Game Design & Production

...and Genres 3.0 FMVD 110 Basic Shooting...II 3.0 ANIM 215 History of Animation...

Film & Video

...0 FMVD 215 Narrative Video Production 3.0 FMVD 235 Intermediate Lighting 3.0 FMVD...

Entertainment & Arts Management

...Entertainment Business 3.0 FMVD 110 Basic Shooting...Administration 4.0 SMT 215 Sports Ticket Sales...

Interactive Digital Media

...Based Writing 3.0 FMVD 110 Basic Shooting...Speaking 3.0 IDM 215 User Experience Design...

Culinary Arts

...areas: ARTH, COM, ENGL, FMVD, HIST, HUM, JUDA...Management 3.0 NFS 215 Nutritional Chemistry 3...

Information Technology

...GREC, PHIL, PSCI, ARTH, FMVD, VSST, and WRIT...0 Term 7 INFO 215 Social Aspects of...

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