Minor in Anthropology

About the Minor

The anthropology minor provides students in other fields with a cross-cultural awareness that will enable them to interact with a variety of people in a wide range of situations. By giving students a respect for and understanding of the basis of cultural variation, the minor can facilitate working in international settings. Even for students working within the United States, anthropology offers increased sensitivity to ethnic and population diversity. Medicine, law, counseling, nursing, and nutrition are only a few of the fields in which clients and professionals may come from different parts of our heterogeneous society.

Please note: No more than three courses that are required for a student’s major can count towards fulfilling requirements for the minor.

Required (Core) Courses
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Diversity3.0
ANTH 110Human Past: Anthropology and Prehistoric Archeology3.0
ANTH 210 [WI] Worldview: Science, Religion and Magic3.0
ANTH 370Ethnographic Methods3.0
ANTH 410Cultural Theory I3.0
Select three of the following:9.0
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Language, Culture & Cognition
Introduction to World Religions
Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Israel and Jordan
Anthropology of Food
Anthropology of Water
Imagining Africa
Topics in World Ethnography
Anthropology of Gender
Anthropology of Interfaith Relations
Aging In Cross-Cultural Perspective
Anthropology of Youth
Urban Anthropology
Reflecting on Work Identity
Anthropology of Immigration
Psychological Anthropology
Health & Healing Practices in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Comparative Religious Ethics
Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World
Approaches to Intercultural Behavior
DIY Culture
Media Anthropology
Anthropology of Education
Crete Through The Looking Glass
Visual Anthropology
Anthropology of Language
Digital Culture
Culture and the Environment
Sacred Traditions of the East
Family and Kinship
Digital Ethnography
Community Engaged Anthropology
Cultural Theory II
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Total Credits24.0
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