Minor in Computer Crime

Computers have created new opportunities for crime and have affected the requisite capacity to commit criminal acts. The minor in computer crime provides students with an overview of the behavioral, legal, technical, and administrative issues faced by the criminal justice system and security communities in addressing crime involving computers and related networking technologies. The curriculum exposes students to state-of-the-art solutions used within the public and private sectors to respond to and prevent computer crime

Required Courses
CJ 204Criminology3.0
CJ 206Criminal Justice3.0
CJ 274Sex, Violence & Crime on the Internet3.0
CJ 276Introduction to Computer Crime3.0
CJ 365Computer Investigation and the Law3.0
CJ 377Intellectual Property Theft in the Digital Age3.0
Additional Elective Courses
Select two of the following:6.0
Criminal Investigation
Crime Prevention Planning
Introduction to Security Studies
Surveillance, Technology and the Law
Gender, Crime and Justice
Criminal Procedure
Special Topics
Total Credits24.0
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