Minor in Greek Studies

Note: Effective August 2014, students will no longer be accepted into this minor.

The minor in Greek studies is designed to be interdisciplinary, with concentration on Mediterranean issues, focusing on and starting from the island of Crete. The minor consists of a minimum of 24.0 credits, 17.0 of which are elective courses chosen with a focus on Greek studies. Because the scope of the minor embraces Hellenism from antiquity to today, students may select their electives depending on the aspect of Greek studies they desire to focus on (for example, mythology, philosophy, performance).

Required Courses
ANTH 212 [WI] Topics in World Ethnography (When Offered as Anthropology of the Mediterranean)3.0
or GREC 212 Introduction to Greek Folklore
Select one of the following:4.0
Modern Elementary Greek I
Modern Elementary Greek II
Modern Elementary Greek III
Intermediate Modern Greek I
Greek Studies Electives
Select 17.0 credits from the following:
Topics in World Ethnography (When offered as Anthropology of the Mediterranean.) *
Special Topics in Anthropology (When offered as Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean.)
History of Art I: Ancient to Medieval
Classical to Medieval Literature
Literature and Other Arts (When offered as Iphigenia to Arta)
Topics in World Literature (When offered as Greek Literature/Poetry)
Modern Elementary Greek I *
Modern Elementary Greek II *
Modern Elementary Greek III *
Intermediate Modern Greek I *
Introduction to Greek Folklore *
Introduction to Greek Music & Dance
Special Topics in Greek Studies
History of Science: Ancient to Medieval
Regional Studies in Economic Policies and International Business (When offered as Mediterranean Economy)
Special Topics in Music (When offered as Mediterranean Ensemble)
Ancient Philosophy
Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
Drexel in Crete Study Abroad Program Course Offerings
Special Topics in World Civilization
Special Topics in Anthropology (When offered as Crete Through the Looking Glass) **
Communicate in Greek: Philoxenia
Greek History, Economy & Society
Total Credits7.0


Students may only select this course as a Greek Studies elective if it was not already chosen as fulfilling one of the required course options.


ANTH 340, Crete through a Looking Glass, fulfills this requirement.

Study Abroad in Crete

The Drexel in Crete Program is open to Drexel students scheduled for class during the summer term. This 12-credit program consists of four 3-credit courses. Visit the Drexel in Crete Study Abroad Program website for additional information.

Additional Information

For more information about the Minor in Greek Studies, contact the program director:
Maria Chnaraki, PhD
Program Director
Department of Culture & Communication
College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel University

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