History BA / Science, Technology and Society MS

Major: History and Science, Technology and Society
Degrees Awarded: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Science in Science, Technology and Society (MS)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 225.0
Co-op Options: One Co-op (Five years); Two Co-op (Five Years)
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 54.0101
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 19-3093

About the Program

Drexel University permits undergraduate students in 5-year programs to apply for graduate programs while completing their undergraduate programs, allowing students to complete their master's degrees in a shorter amount of time.

The accelerated degree program in History and Science, Technology and Society provides an opportunity to earn both a BA degree and an MS degree (two diplomas are awarded) in five years.

This program was created to meet the academic needs of History students who are interested in History, Technology and Science, and interested in pursuing careers in the rapidly growing field of STS.

Students entering the program must:

  • have and maintain a minimum of 3.0 grade point average throughout the program
  • have no fewer than 90.0 earned credits
  • have no more than 120.0 registered credits
  • complete only 2 co-ops if in a BA/MS program.

Additional Information

For more information about the accelerated BA/MS program, contact:

Jonathan Seitz, PhD
Assistant Department Head
Teaching Professor of History

Sample Plan of Study

Recommended Plan of Study

Students should work closely with undergraduate advisor and the graduate Science, Technology & Society advisor to schedule an individualized plan of study for their accelerated degree completion.

The following is a sample plan of study.

Term 1Credits
ENGL 101
or 111
Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research
English Composition I
HIST 101Introductory Seminar in History I4.0
UNIV H101The Drexel Experience1.0
Foreign language course (103-level or higher)4.0
Non-US History Course*4.0
 Term Credits16.0
Term 2
CIVC 101Introduction to Civic Engagement1.0
ENGL 102
or 112
Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing
English Composition II
HIST 102Introductory Seminar in History II4.0
Foreign language course (201-level or higher)3.0-4.0
Mathematics course3.0-4.0
 Term Credits14.0-16.0
Term 3
ENGL 103
or 113
Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres
English Composition III
US History course*4.0
Mathematics course3.0-4.0
Free electives6.0
 Term Credits16.0-17.0
Term 4
HIST 296Research Methods in History I4.0
History course covering pre-1700 history**4.0
Science elective***3.0-4.0
Social and behavioral science elective3.0
Free elective3.0
 Term Credits17.0-18.0
Term 5
History of Science, Technology, and Environment course*4.0
Humanities/fine arts elective3.0
Social and behavioral science elective3.0
Science elective***3.0-4.0
International studies elective3.0
 Term Credits16.0-17.0
Term 6
Non-US History course*4.0
Humanities/fine arts elective3.0
Social and behavioral science elective3.0
International studies elective3.0
Diversity elective3.0
 Term Credits16.0
Term 7
History electives8.0
Social and behavioral science elective3.0
Humanities/fine arts elective3.0
Diversity elective3.0
 Term Credits17.0
Term 8
HIST 301The Study of History4.0
UNIV H201Looking Forward: Academics and Careers1.0
History elective4.0
Humanities/fine arts elective3.0
SCTS 501Introduction to Science, Technology and Society3.0
 Term Credits15.0
Term 9
HIST 396Research Methods in History II 4.0
HIST T380Special Topics in History4.0
Free elective3.0
SCTS 502Research Methods3.0
SCTS Ethics, Values, Identities, & Cultures course3.0
 Term Credits17.0
Term 10
HIST 490 [WI] Senior Seminar I4.0
Free elective4.0
SCTS 503Advanced Research Methods3.0
SCTS Ethics, Values, Identities, & Cultures course3.0
 Term Credits14.0
Term 11
HIST 491 [WI] Senior Seminar II4.0
History elective4.0
SCTS 504Science, Technology & Society Theories3.0
SCTS 798Master's Research3.0
 Term Credits14.0
Term 12
History electives8.0
Science, Technology & Society Lab3.0
SCTS Science and Technology Policy course3.0
SCTS elective3.0
 Term Credits17.0
Term 13
History elective4.0
Free electives9.0
SCTS electives6.0
 Term Credits19.0
Term 14
Free electives8.0
SCTS electives9.0
 Term Credits17.0
Total Credit: 225.0-230.0

Students are strongly encouraged to take a course during each term while on co-op.  Please refer to university policy for more information.

Co-op/Career Opportunities

Co-op Experiences

History majors have a wide variety of co-op experiences from which to choose. Business and public utilities offer many possibilities, and local, state, and federal governments; museums and archives; and law firms present many additional interesting co-op placements. Pre-law students, for example, are especially eager to see the inside of a law office, whether the co-op job they receive is clerical or a more challenging paralegal assignment. These practical experiences in the “real” world can reinforce the lessons of the classroom, sharpen skills, and establish important contacts. Sample co-op positions include:

  • Law clerk/paralegal, Joe Davidson, Attorney-at-Law, Philadelphia
  • Research analyst, Legislative Office for Research Liaison, Harrisburg, PA
  • Legislative intern, Corporate Public Affairs Division, Philadelphia Electric Company
  • Assistant lobbyist, Government Relations Office, Drexel University
  • Education intern, Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Researcher, Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • Assistant, Office of the Governor, Harrisburg, PA

Career Opportunities

The flexible programs allow students to shape a curriculum that meets their needs, whether they are preparing for the business world, graduate school in history or political science, the MS in Science, Technology, and Society program, an MBA or other business program, or law school.

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