Minor in Human Factors and Ergonomics

Note: Effective Fall 2015, students will no longer be accepted into this minor.

This minor is intended to meet the needs of the students who have an interest in any type of design and who recognize the importance of taking account of human characteristics, both strengths and weaknesses, in the design of artifacts intended for human use (e.g., equipment, computer software, consumer products, and even entire work environments).

The minor should also be of particular interest to students who have an interest in doing graduate work in human factors, ergonomics, industrial design, etc.

Entry into the minor requires that general psychology (or an equivalent introductory course) be taken as a prerequisite. Students who have completed PSY 101 and who are interested in a minor in Psychology are expected to meet with a Psychology Department faculty member to discuss the selection of appropriate courses. No more than three courses that are required for a student’s major can count towards fulfilling requirements for the minor.

Required Prerequisite
General Psychology course (PSY 101 or equivalent)
Required Courses
PSY 212Physiological Psychology3.0
PSY 213Sensation and Perception3.0
PSY 250 [WI] Industrial Psychology3.0
PSY 330Cognitive Psychology3.0
PSY 332Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering3.0
PSY 337Human-Computer Interaction3.0
PSY 360 [WI] Experimental Psychology3.0
BMES 330Biological Rhythm in Pharmacology and Toxicology3.0
Select one course from the following:
Med & Bio Effects Of Light
Chronoengineering I: Biological Rhythms in Health and Performance
Chronoengineering II: Sleep Functions in Health and Performance
Introduction to Social Psychology
Psychology of Learning
Drugs & Human Behavior
Psychological Testing and Assessment
Advanced Social Psychology
Total Credits24.0

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