Certificate in Medical Humanities

The Certificate Program in Medical Humanities is designed for students majoring in any of the biological sciences, health professions including biomedical engineering, nursing and public health, the humanities, and the social sciences, with the aim of promoting dialogue and mutual appreciation for various approaches to health related issues.

The wide range of applicable courses within designated disciplines fosters an interdisciplinary context for investigating the many challenges within medicine and caregiving. This format, in turn, encourages students to explore illness, disability, dying, and healing as human experiences and to evaluate some of the limitations of an exclusively scientific perspective on medical practice and research.

A three credit introductory seminar (HUM 315) and a three credit concluding Capstone Seminar (ENGL 470) further provide intellectual cohesiveness and a sense of community among students enrolled in the program. Both co-directors of the program will help students choose courses best suited for their personal and professional interests. Note that most courses applicable to the program also fulfill humanities electives for other majors and that courses may change as departments offer more options.

Those students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate in medical humanities. This certificate highlights the student’s proficiency in an interdisciplinary approach to health related issues not easily attainable through isolated courses.

Additional information

For additional information, contact the program directors:

Edward "Ted" Fristrom, PhD
Department of English and Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel University

Stacey Ake, PHD (biology), PHD (philosophy)
Department of English and Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel University

Required Courses
HUM 315Perspectives in Medical Humanities3.0
ENGL 470Capstone Seminar in Medical Humanities3.0
Select one of the following literature courses:3.0
Literature and Society (Portrayals of Mental Disorders)
Topics in Literature and Medicine (Illness and Healing in Literature)
Topics in Literature and Medicine (The Physician in Literature and Film)
Topics in Literature and Medicine (Health Matters in Drama)
Select one of the following philosophy courses:3.0
Biomedical Ethics
Philosophy of Medicine
Philosophy of Science
Select two courses from the following:6.0
Special Topics in Africana Studies (Race, Disease, and History)
Special Topics in Africana Studies (HIV/Aids in Africa)
Worldview: Science, Religion and Magic
Aging In Cross-Cultural Perspective
Art in the Age of Technology
Special Topics in Art History
Biomedical Ethics and Law
Environmental Health
History of Science: Ancient to Medieval
Technology in Historical Perspective
Psychology of Disability
Culture and Personality
Death and Dying
Women's Health Psychology
Sociology of the Family
Sociology of Aging
Sociology of Technology & Aging
Sociology of Health and Illness
Total Credits18.0
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