Minors in Modern Languages

24.0 quarter credits of language study above the 103 level.

Minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish are offered. All beginner and intermediate courses are oral-intensive, with additional hours required with online coursework. Advanced courses focus on writing skills and do not always require lab work. 

Enrollments are limited to 12 to 18 students in the first two years of study; third and fourth-year courses use a seminar format, with a usual enrollment of four to eight students. Language study is open to all undergraduate students in the University, and validation of minimal language competence is required for co-operative education placement abroad in countries where English is not the national language. Study for two or three consecutive terms at or above 201 is the minimum requirement for the BA degree, as a total of 8.0 credits must be completed, but additional language course work is required by most departments offering this degree. 

Students are placed in language courses in accordance with language placement testing administered during freshman orientation and at the beginning of each quarter. Students who do not take advantage of this option must comply with the department's enrollment guidelines.

Course Descriptions

Certification of Proficiency

Drexel offers an advanced-level Certification of Proficiency for students who have successfully completed 24.0 credits of coursework and passed the series of written Proficiency examinations and an extensive FSI/ACTFL oral examination with at least an FSI "2" or ACTFL "Advanced" rating. Certification is listed on the student transcript. The different Proficiency exams can be taken once the student has satisfactorily passed the Achievement Test. They are also the prerequisite before starting a minor thesis.

Western languages

  • 24 credits of language study above the 103 level
  • Certification of Proficiency
  • Minor thesis in the target language (1.0-4.0 credits possible)
  • Oral defense of the minor thesis
Advanced Conversation and Composition
Stylistics, Advanced Stylistics
311 WI
312 WI
Literature, Advanced Studies in Literature
Business and the Professions
Advanced Topics in Business and Professions: European Union
Advanced Studies in Civilization
471 WI
Special Topics: Business and Civilization (may be repeated for credit.)
399 WI
499 WI

 Non-western languages

  • 24 credits of language study above the 103 level
  • Minor thesis in the target language (1.0-4.0 credits possible)
  • Oral defense of the minor thesis
Course options (subject to placement level)
Advanced reading, writing, and speaking. Levels IV-VI
Stylistics, Levels VII-IX
Advanced Independent Study
399 WI
Introduction to Stylistics, Literature
411 WI
431 WI
Introduction to Business
FREN 451Special Studies in Advanced Business and Professional French4.0
RUSS 499Special Topics in Russian12.0

Additional Information

For more information about all language minors, contact the Program Director:
Dr. Simone Schlichting-Artur

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