Minor in Science, Technology and Human Affairs

This minor affords students the opportunity to obtain in-depth exposure to the political and social issues related to modern science and technology. The program provides knowledge and skills useful in many areas of professional employment or as preparation for graduate and professional study.

Required Courses
HIST 280History of Science: Ancient to Medieval3.0
HIST 281History of Science: Enlightenment to Modernity3.0
Select three History or Politics courses in science or technology9.0
Some examples of HIST or PSCI courses in this category include:
History of American Business
History of Work & Workers in America
History of Science: Medieval to Enlightenment
Technology in Historical Perspective
Exploration in Technology and Gender
Technology in American Life
Environmental Politics
Topics in Public Policy
City in United States Political Development
Select three of the following:9.0
Worldview: Science, Religion and Magic
Urban Anthropology
Anthropology of Cyberspace
Literature & Science
Environmental Literature
Computer Ethics
Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Science
Sociology of the Future
Sociology of Work
Total Credits24.0

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