Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

The minor in women's and gender studies is intended to give students a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the ways in which gender interacts with race, age, class, and sexual orientation to shape human consciousness and the social, political, and cultural organization of society. In addition, the minor is intended to enrich the educational experience of students. It may also provide both men and women with tools for understanding and coping with the larger societal systems in which they must operate as both students and professionals. Because business and industry are increasingly sensitive to issues such as sex discrimination, sexual harassment, equal pay for comparable work, parental leave, and day care, students with a minor in women's studies will have a definite edge over other applicants for managerial and policy-making positions.

Required Courses
WMST 101Introduction to Women's Studies3.0
WMST 301Seminar in Feminist Theory3.0
Approved Electives *
Select six of the following:18.0
Sex, Violence & Crime on the Internet
Issues in Domestic Violence
Gender, Crime and Justice
Women and Literature
Women in American History
Women's Health Psychology
Women & Men in a Changing Society
Writing on the Body
Women and Human Rights Worldwide
Arab Women Writers
African Francophone Women Writers
Women and Society in a Global Context
African American Herstories
Gender and Judaism
Women's Health & Human Rights
Special Topics in Women's Studies
Independent Study in Women's Studies
Queer Theory
Total Credits24.0


Chosen from an approved list including departmentally cross-linked courses and WMST 280 (Special Topics) courses.


By permission only.

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