Minor in World History and Politics

This minor introduces students to the historical and political development of societies beyond the American and European context. The 20th-century experiences of decolonization, modernization, and development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Islamic world are given special attention.

Required Courses
Select one of the following:3.0
Themes in World Civilization II
Themes in World Civilization III
Twentieth Century World I
Twentieth Century World II
Two Upper-Level World History Courses6.0
Some examples of upper-level World History courses are:
The Vietnam War
Twentieth Century Russia & the USSR
Russian History Before 1900
The World and China
East Asia in Modern Times
Introduction to Latin American History
History of Mexico
Ancient and Colonial Mexico
Modern Mexico
Conquest of Mexico
Three International Political Science Courses9.0-10.0
Some examples of international Political Science courses are:
International Politics
Comparative Government
Comparative Political Thought
Politics of Developing Nations
Introduction to 20th Century Middle East
Comparative Politics of the Middle East
International Organizations: The United Nations
Ethics and International Relations
International Human Rights
Political Economy of Japan
Politics of Latin America
Additional Requirements
Two courses, one course each from two of the following areas:6.0
Post-Colonial Literature I
Post-Colonial Literature II
Topics in World Literature
Economic Development
Anthropology, International Area Studies, Sociology
Introduction to Cultural Diversity
Worldview: Science, Religion and Magic
Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World
Special Topics in World Civilization
Developing Nations and the International Division of Labor
World Musics
Art History
Any Appropriate Art History (ARTH) course
Total Credits24.0-25.0

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