Minor in Screenwriting

The minor in screenwriting is intended to guide the student from the acquisition of basic screenwriting skills through the completion of a full-length feature screenplay. Fifteen of the credits are directly craft-oriented, teaching the student what she needs to know to translate her ideas into a format suitable for production; the other nine credits are dedicated to background knowledge intended to inform her creative thinking.  

Film & video majors should note that they will be taking half of the courses in the screenwriting minor as part of their degree requirements, making this minor a relatively simple addition to their education.   

Required courses
FMST 150American Classic Cinema3.0
FMST 160European Cinema3.0
SCRP 270 [WI] Screenwriting I3.0
SCRP 275 [WI] Screenwriting II3.0
SCRP 310Literature for Screenwriters3.0
SCRP 370Screenplay Story Development3.0
SCRP 380Screenwriting Workshop I3.0
SCRP 381Screenwriting Workshop II3.0
Total Credits24.0
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