Minor in Sports Media Production

About the Minor

The Sports Media Production minor is a gateway for students committed to pursuing a career in sports media while also serving as a meaningful introduction for those who are intrigued but uncertain about sports media as a profession. Students are required to take the same foundational shooting and lighting, editing, sound, and studio operations courses as the Film & Television majors and minors. They are also required to take a TVIE sports media strategy course as well as SMT digital and sports media history courses that will provide a greater academic and contextual understanding of the profession. Additional courses include actual physical production, on-air performance, and technology.

Program Requirements

FMVD 110Basic Shooting and Lighting3.0
or FMTV 110 Basic Cinematography
FMVD 115Basic Editing3.0
or FMTV 115 Basic Editing
FMVD 120Basic Sound3.0
or FMTV 120 Basic Sound
SMT 110The Business of Sport4.0
SMT 290Digital Media in Sport4.0
TVIE 250TV Sports Program Strategies3.0
TVPR 100TV Studio: Basic Operations3.0
or FMTV 130 Basic TV Studio
TVPR 356DNews 3.0
or FMTV 355 DNews
Choose one of the following3.0
TV Studio: Live Directing
Intermediate TV Studio
TV On-Camera Performance
Special Topics in TV Production
Special Topics in TV Production
Special Topics in TV Production
Special topics in SMT
Special topics in SMT
Special topics in SMT
Total Credits29.0
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