Graduate Minor in Service to Veterans

Note: No applications will be accepted for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please check back in summer 2023 for an update. 

About the Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Service to Veterans marks achievement of advanced understanding, comprehension, and application of the issues surrounding the veteran who has returned from military service and is entering or has entered civilian life. This combination of six courses provides the learner with the necessary knowledge to identify specific health and learning needs of veterans, and to provide advocacy resources to help meet those needs.

These courses will all be delivered through online instruction. By completing this minor, the learner will be able to identify, refer and advocate for the veteran and veteran family members with necessary specialized skills and knowledge to address many health and educational needs of this unique group.

Students currently enrolled in a master's program may use required courses in their master's program to meet the 6.0 credit concentration requirement. 

Admission Requirements

  • Current enrollment in a master's program at Drexel University
  • GPA of 3.0 and above
  • Standardized tests: None
  • Transcripts: Not required
  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • References: Not required
  • Personal statement/essay: Personal statement describing interest in minor and relevance to career goals
  • Interview/portfolio: Not required
  • CV/resume: Required

Program Requirements

IPS 548Foundations in Transdisciplinary Professional Collaboration3.0
IPS 549The Military and Veteran Culture3.0
IPS 551Veteran Advocacy 3.0
IPS 553Neuroscience of Learning3.0
Select one concentration from the list below6.0
Health Professions
The Unique Health Care Needs of our Military and Veterans
Veteran Healthcare Policy
Substance Use Disorders (select 2)
Approaches to Substance Use Disorders
Motivational Enhancement Skills
Treatment Planning and Relapse Prevention
Foundations of Adult Education
Principles of Adult Learning
Legal Studies
Ethics and Professional Standards
Business (select 2)
Leadership and Professional Development
Leading Effective Organizations
Negotiations for Leaders
Health Care Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management
Public Health (select 6.0 credits with advisor approval)
Total Credits18.0
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