Certificate in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree
Certificate Type: Post-Baccalaureate
Number of Credits to Completion: 18.0
Instructional Delivery: Online
Calendar Type: Quarter

Expected Time to Completion: 1 year
Financial Aid Eligibility: Not aid eligible
Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code: 51.1501
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 21-1011

About the Program

This certificate is designed for individuals with bachelor’s degrees in psychology, social work, nursing, or other allied health professions who want to advance their knowledge of substance use disorders treatment and supervision practices. It is offered through the Counseling and Family Therapy Department's Behavioral Health Counseling Program within the College of Nursing and Health Professions of Drexel University, and is designed for individuals working in health care settings serving people with substance use disorders. The certificate requires the completion of six online courses for a total of 18.0 quarter credits. Completion of this certificate does not in and of itself certify clinical expertise. The required coursework can also be applied toward a specialty focus area for students in the Innovations and Intra/Entrepreneurship Advanced Practice Nursing Track.

Each course focuses on a core competency needed to facilitate recovery from substance abuse. Students will acquire knowledge concerning the etiology of substance use behavior; the bio-psycho-social nature of addiction; substance use patterns across the lifespan and; recovery and relapse prevention. Students will also develop skills related to motivational enhancement, cognitive / behavioral change and workforce supervision.

Program goals

The goal of this certificate program is for students to:

  • Gain an understanding of the bio-psycho-social dynamics of substance use;
  • Develop evidence-based treatment competencies;
  • Gain educational training hours to either obtain or maintain a credential as a drug/alcohol counseling professional.

In and of itself, this certificate does not take the place of supervised, clinical training, but rather serves as one of several possible components required to obtain a professional certification or clinical license to practice.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
BACS 530Understanding Prevention and Prevention Programs3.0
BACS 534Approaches to Substance Use Disorders3.0
BACS 535Motivational Enhancement Skills3.0
BACS 540Treatment Planning and Relapse Prevention3.0
BACS 568Substance Use Counseling with Special Populations 3.0
BACS 570Clinical Supervision Skills3.0
Total Credits18.0


Sample Plan of Study

First Year
BACS 5343.0BACS 5303.0BACS 5683.0
BACS 5353.0BACS 5403.0BACS 5703.0
 6 6 6
Total Credits 18
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