Minor in Design of Learning Technologies

Note: Effective Fall 2021, students are no longer being accepted into the Minor in Design of Learning Technologies program.

About the Minor

This minor offers a blended campus-based undergraduate-level, education minor in Design of Learning Technologies (DLT) with a thematic focus in design and technology. The minor in DLT is designed to cultivate the knowledge and skills that students across multiple disciplines will need to design environments to support learning and teaching, typically new and emerging technologies.

The minor will provide an option for students to gain a richer understanding of theories of learning for a wide range of educational contexts (e.g., classrooms, museums, after-school, summer camps, etc.), audiences (e.g., teachers, students, corporations, children, adults, etc.), and learning environments (e.g. digital, non-digital, virtual, face-to-face, etc.). The minor program offers 24.0 core credits of instruction.

Admission Requirements

Student must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better.

Program Requirements

EDLT 103Foundation in Education III: Learning Sciences3.0
EDLT 238New Media Literacies3.0
EDLT 301Learning, Culture & Technology Workshop III3.0
EDLT 339Future Pedagogies3.0
EDLT 353Play and Learning in Participatory Cultures3.0
EDLT 354Learning In and Out of Schools3.0
INFO 110Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction3.0
INFO 310Human-Centered Design Process & Methods3.0
Total Credits24.0
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