Drexel University

The Catalog contains all programs offered by Drexel University providing enrolled students with the information they need regarding their chosen academic path and helping prospective students make important enrollment decisions.

Since University curricula, programs, and policies cannot be static in a changing environment, the information in this catalog is subject to change by the University at any time. Accordingly, neither this catalog nor any parts of it may be relied upon as a contract. The University may reproduce or modify this catalog, or parts of it, for distribution in other formats (for example, in other formats for computer access, or in college, school, or academic department publications). As a result, students, applicants, and other users of this catalog should consult with appropriate University Offices to verify the current text or status of policies, programs, descriptions of curricula, or other information in this catalog.

The Catalog is only available online and is not made available in print.

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