Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corp (NROTC)

About the Program

Students are eligible to participate in the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps  (NROTC) through a cross-enrollment agreement with the University of Pennsylvania. All naval science courses are held on Penn’s campus. The NROTC program enables a college student to earn a commission in the Navy or the Marine Corps while concurrently satisfying requirements for his or her baccalaureate degree. Scholarship and nonscholarship programs are available.

Navy-option scholarship and college program (nonscholarship) students must enroll in Naval Science (NSC) NSC 101 and NSC 102 during their freshman year, NSC 201 and NSC 202  during their sophomore year, NSC 301 and NSC 302 in their junior year, and NSC 401 and NSC 402  in their senior year. Those seeking commissions in the Marine Corps will enroll in NSC 310 and NSC 410 instead of NSC 301-302 and NSC 401-402.

Scholarship program students must complete one year of calculus, one year of calculus-based physics, a course in computer science, one course in American military history/national security policy, and one year of English. College program students must complete one year of college-level algebra, one year of physical science courses, one semester of a computer science course, and one year of English. Students must check with their naval science instructors to determine specific courses that fulfill the above requirements.

In addition to the above, all students are required to attend a two-hour professional laboratory period scheduled on Wednesday afternoons (no academic credit) that emphasizes military drill, physical fitness, and leadership/military topics.

For further information regarding physical and other qualifications for admission and other matters pertaining to participation in the NROTC program, you can write to the Professor of Naval Science, NROTC Unit, 417 Hollenback Center, 3000 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6399; 215-898-7436; fax: 215-573-2067.

Plan of Study

First Year
Term 1Credits
NSC 1000.0
NSC 1022.0
Second Year
Term 1Credits
NSC 2012.0
Third Year
Term 1Credits
NSC 3012.0
NSC 3022.0
Fourth Year
Term 1Credits
NSC 4012.0
NSC 4022.0
Total Credits 12
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