Graduate Minor in Taxation

About the Graduate Minor

Tax planning and consulting are essential for individuals and a wide variety of business entities. The minor in Taxation provides a strong foundation on the impact of taxes on personal and business decision-making, planning strategies to reduce tax burdens, implications for flow through entities (e.g., joint ventures, partnerships, LLCs and S Corporations), and the use of statutory, legislative, and judicial authority. The minor is intended for students who are looking for a better understanding of one of largest impacts on individuals' and businesses' cash flow and expenses.

Admission Requirements

Open to all current Drexel graduate students.

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Program Requirements

TAX 611Tax Research3.0
TAX 645Flow Through Entity Taxation3.0
TAX 660Tax and Business Strategy3.0
Please choose one (1) from below list:3.0
Advanced Corporate Taxation
Taxation of Multi-national Corporations
Accounting for Income Taxes
Tax Experiential Learning
Tax Policy Seminar
Total Credits12.0
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