MSN "Bridge" Program

About the Program

Drexel University's RN-MSN “bridge” program is available for nurses who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing and now wish to pursue an MSN degree. Applicants to this program must complete the admission process to the MSN program and seek initial advisement from the MSN program academic advisors. The bridge program is available only to students applying for the MSN Advanced Role programs—it is not available for students wishing to pursue an MSN Nurse Practitioner degree; however, to learn more about alternative pathways to becoming a nurse practitioner, contact the Graduate Nursing Division (see contact information below). 

The graduate program department chair reviews the applicant’s file for program eligibility and prerequisites are established on an individual basis.

The “bridge” program consists of one undergraduate course. Individuals with extensive professional experience may request to waive the bridge course. The required “bridge course” in the MSN Advanced Role track is NURS 335 Genetics and Genomics: Application to Nursing Practice (4.5 quarter credits). This class is available entirely online and is delivered in a 10-week quarter term session. This course is offered in every term and includes mandatory synchronous class meetings.

After successfully completing all requirements and admission to the MSN program, students progress directly into graduate-level courses. (Note: The BSN is not awarded in this program.)

Program Requirements

MSN pathway for nurses with a non-nursing BA or BS. RN license is required. 

NURS 335Genetics and Genomics: Application to Nursing Practice4.5

Eligible MSN Programs

Additional Information

For more information about MSN Advanced Role track program, please contact:

Graduate Nursing Division

For more details about the program, please see the College's MSN "Bridge" program webpage and the Drexel University Online MSN "Bridge" program webpage. If you are interested in earning both a BSN and MSN, consider enrollment in the Accelerated RN/BSN/MSN program.

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing
  • A current, unrestricted United States RN license
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 If your GPA is lower, you're still encouraged to apply, but should ensure that relevant professional experience is included on your resume. You must also provide two professional letters of recommendation from either previous or immediate supervisors or former faculty members who can attest to your clinical knowledge, skill, and potential aptitude for graduate study.
  • Two letters of recommendation
    • Waived for GPAs over 3.0
  • Schedule of Classes
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  • Co-op
  • Academic Advising
  • Admissions
  • Tuition & Fees