Graduate Minor in Mind, Brain & Learning

About the Graduate Minor

Embark on a transformative journey at the forefront of education and neuroscience with our dynamic Graduate Minor in Mind, Brain & Learning. Designed for educators and professional development trainers seeking revolutionizing teaching and learning practices, this innovative interdisciplinary program offers a deep dive into the fascinating intersection of Mind, Brain and Education Science within real-world contexts. This interdisciplinary four-course minor will expand your horizons and elevate your understanding of:

  • Mind, Brain, and Learning: Explore of how the human mind and brain's cognitive processes shape learning outcomes and educational practices. 
  • Neuropedagogy and assessment: Discover effective teaching and assessment strategies informed by cutting-edge neuroscience research empowering you to better optimize learning experiences for diverse learners. 
  • Neurodiversity in education and workforce: Embrace the diverse spectrum of human cognition and learning styles, learning how to create inclusive environments that recognize neurodiversity and promote equity in education and the workforce. 
  • Neuroscience, creativity, and innovation: Examine the nexus of neuroscience, creativity, problem-solving, and innovation in educational and professional settings. 

Through this transformative journey, graduate students will cultivate a holistic understanding of Mind, Brain, and Learning equipping themselves with the knowledge, skills and experiences to lead change and innovation in educational and workforce environments. Whether it's designing engaging online courses, facilitating blended/hybrid learning experiences, or optimizing onsite instruction, you will be empowered to share the future of education and drive positive outcomes for learners of all ages.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the Mind, Brain, and Learning (MBL) graduate minor must:

  • Be a Drexel University graduate student in good standing
  • Successfully complete the Graduate College's Change of Minor Form

Program Requirements

Program Requirements
CRTV 600Mind, Brain and Learning3.0
CRTV 604Neurodiversity in Education and Workforce3.0
CRTV 608Neuropedagogy and Assessment3.0
CRTV 615Neuroscience, Creativity and Innovation3.0
Total Credits12.0

Sample Plan of Study

Additional Information

For more information, visit the School of Education's Mind, Brain, and Learning webpage.