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AFAS 301 Politics of Hip Hop 3.0 Credits

This class in an interdisciplinary, socio-historical introduction to rap music and hip hop culture. Several themes will be explored including the origins of rap music as well as the role of urban youth and their notions of race and gender. Record industry practices will also be investigated together with the impact of commercialism on hip hop. We will also consider sexism, misogyny, and violence in both the music and culture.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Entertainment & Arts Management

...FIN 301 should not take BUSN 301 . + EAM...Arts and Humanities requirements: AFAS, ARBC, ARCH 141...

Game Design & Production

...including T380-T480 in AFAS, ARTH, COM, ENGL...395 3.0 GMAP 301 3.0 PROD...

Interior Design

...including T380, T480 in AFAS, ARCH, ARTH, COM...441 4.0 VSST 301 or 311 4...

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