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ANTH 310 Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World 3.0 Credits

Looks at the impact of 20th-century technology on traditional societies. Uses area studies from Africa, Asia, and elsewhere to explore institutions such as the family, the polity, the economy, and religion.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Cannot enroll if classification is Freshman

Software Engineering

...Studies electives : any AFAS, ANTH, HIST, GST, JWST...Credits Summer Credits COM 310 3.0 CS...

Computer Science

...Studies electives : any AFAS, ANTH, GST, HIST, JWST...Elective 3.0 SE 310 3.0 Science...

Entertainment & Arts Management

...Social Science courses: AFAS, ANTH, CJS, ECON, ENSS...321 3.0 EAM 310 3.0 EAM...

Data Science

...Studies electives : any AFAS, ANTH, GST, HIST, JUDA...EXPERIENCE COM 230 or 310 3.0 DSCI...

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