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BMES 441 Biomechanics I: Introduction to Biomechanics 4.0 Credits

Teaches students to use mechanical tools to get an introductory appreciation for solving biomechanical problems. Models human performance by using static, quasi-static, and dynamic approaches. Assesses overall loading of the musculoskeletal system during functional activities. Demonstrates introductory methods of estimation of forces in the joints and muscles and evaluates the endurance of the human tissues under traumatic loading conditions. Builds on existing knowledge in mechanics to illustrate the practical application of mechanical tools in the determination of human systems performance.

College/Department: School of Biomedical Engineering, Science Health Systems
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if classification is Senior.
Prerequisites: (MEM 230 [Min Grade: D] or BMES 345 [Min Grade: D] or MATE 370 [Min Grade: D]) and (MEM 238 [Min Grade: D] or BMES 238 [Min Grade: D]) and BIO 201 [Min Grade: D]

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