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CATX 528 Family Systems and Adult and Older Adult Assessment and Treatment Planning 4.5 Credits

This course examines the interactions between family systems theory and current assessment and treatment practices in art therapy and counseling with adults and older adults. The principles and application of artistic and psychological development for clients, informal and formal art therapy assessments, interdisciplinary counseling assessments, applications of art media properties and methods to clientele needs, and how to build rapport in the therapeutic relationship are all studied and applied experientially. The impact and intersectionality of lived experiences, culture-bound views and values, and wellness and resilience will all be considered as well. Students will be introduced to treatment planning conceptualization methods and goals via practicing and applying clinical documentation experientially.

College/Department: College of Nursing Health Professions
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is ATC.

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