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CFTP 530 Clinical Practicum/Supervision I 0.0-2.0 Credits

The purpose of the first-year practicum is for the students to develop foundational skills necessary for the practice of couple and family therapy. Students are expected to spend one hour weekly in on-site supervision (which may be a non-AAMFT-approved supervisor); in addition, students spend one hour weekly in off-site supervision, and/or 2 hours weekly in group supervision (with an AAMFT-approved supervisor). An average of 8-10 client contact hours is expected each week for MFT students, with 10-12 client contact hours each week for PMC students. Students must successfully complete practicum orientation in order to enroll in this course and subsequently complete each practicum.

College/Department: College of Nursing Health Professions
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is CFTX or major is FATX.
Corequisite: CFTP 539

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