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CHEM 249 Organic Chemistry for Majors III 7.0 Credits

This course completes development of the basic foundation of modern organic chemistry started in CHEM 246. Lecture topics include the chemistry of aldehydes, ketones, amines, carboxylic acids & their derivatives, carbohydrates, organometallic compounds, and multi-step organic synthesis. Asymmetric synthesis and C,C-bond forming reactions will also be covered. Lab topics include the multi-step syntheses of benzocaine and DEET, stereochemical inversion, diazonium coupling, Aldol condensation, sequential Diels-Alder and lactonization reactions, and the principles of functional group protection.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is CHEM.
Prerequisites: CHEM 248 [Min Grade: D] or (CHEM 242 [Min Grade: D] and CHEM 245 [Min Grade: D])

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