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CHEM 375 The Chemistry Behind Drugs: Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry 3.0 Credits

Covers basic concepts of general and organic chemistry that constitute the foundation of medicinal chemistry. Focuses on applications and problem-solving through active-learning. Offers a comprehensive overview of potential roles for science majors on a medicinal chemistry team. Students will make interdisciplinary connections, while applying nomenclature, stereochemistry and physicochemical properties of functional groups (e.g., water/lipid solubility, electronic effects, acidity/basicity, ionization and salt formation at physiological pH) to predict drug-target and drug-drug interactions, as well as drug metabolic pathways. Using structure-activity relationships and retrosynthetic analysis, students will then design ligands and prodrugs with virtually improved pharmacological action and bioavailability.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: CHEM 243 [Min Grade: D], CHEM 249 [Min Grade: D] (Can be taken Concurrently) or CHEM 245 [Min Grade: D]

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