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CHP 530 Arts for Community Health and Wellbeing 3.0 Credits

This course brings together a focus on the arts and community health and wellbeing and covers five major learning areas. 1. Arts, Resilience, and Healing; 2. Arts and Social Connectedness; 3. Arts and Community/Neighborhood Development; 4. Arts and Social Justice; 5. Arts-based Research. It builds on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) holistic definition of health and applies a social ecological lens through which to view the arts and human flourishing at multiple levels: the individual, the interpersonal, the community and society. The course engages students via in-class and on-line discussions of assigned weekly readings, videos, guest lectures, presentations, and media from the growing arts and health movement and includes an array of community-based activities and assignments.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Graduate Minor in Arts in Public Health

...research and policy through a foundational course ( CHP 530 ) and three additional courses from a...

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