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CIVE 567 Watershed Analysis 3.0 Credits

This course focuses on land use change (LUC) and the hydrologic cycle in agricultural and forest (non-urban) watersheds. Using climate, hydrology, and agricultural models, students will investigate how changes in hydroclimatology and landscape-scale land cover affect surface water flow, runoff, and water quality in selected watersheds. The course will explore emerging topics pertaining to water and energy that course through rural watersheds, with the goal of interpreting data output from models into an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) framework. LCA is a systems analysis framework that feeds information on life cycle environmental damages/consequences back into design and decision making. This course focuses specifically on watershed analysis models and how their output feed into design.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: CIVE 320 [Min Grade: B-] and CIVE 330 [Min Grade: B-] and CIVE 240 [Min Grade: B-]

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