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CJS 250 Research Methods & Analytics I 3.0 Credits

This is the first of three integrated methods and analysis courses for CJS students that introduces them to the fundamentals of research design, the benchmarks of scientific quality, sampling, modes of observation, and units of measurement. The course also introduces students to the most relevant analytical procedures often used at each stage in the methodological process, such as developing a data set, performing descriptive (univariate) analyses, examining bivariate relationships, and testing hypotheses using both parametric and non-parametric statistical tests. The course culminates with students writing a research proposal that includes the major components of most grant applications: Statement of the Problem, Literature Review, Research Questions, and Research Methodology/Analytical Procedures.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Fashion Industry & Merchandising BS

...T480, in AFAS, ANTH, CJS, CS, ECON, ENSS...205 , ENTP 209 , ENTP 250 , ENTP 375 , DSMR...