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CS 300 Applied Symbolic Computation 3.0 Credits

This course covers the fundamentals of symbolic mathematical methods as embodied in symbolic mathematics software systems, including: fundamental techniques, simplification of expressions, solution of applications problems, intermediate expressions swell, basic economics of symbolic manipulation, efficient solution methods for large problems, hybrid symbolic/numeric techniques.

College/Department: College of Computing and Informatics
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: CS 260 [Min Grade: C] and CS 270 [Min Grade: C] and MATH 200 [Min Grade: C] and (MATH 201 [Min Grade: C] or ENGR 211 [Min Grade: C])

Computer Science BS / Computer Science MS

...Computer Science electives : any undergraduate CS or SE course (300-499) or any of the...

Minor in Computer Science

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Computer Engineering BSCE / Computer Engineering MSCE

...30 and have taken 300/400-level coursework...CHE, CHEM, CIVE, CMGT, CS, ECE, ECEC, ECEE...

Chemical Engineering MS

...I799 ) CHEM, CIVE, CMGT, CS, DSCI, ECE, ECEC...Crystalaser Q-switch laser, 300 mW at 532...

Computer Science BA

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Chemical Engineering BSCHE

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Minor in Computer Engineering

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Custom-Designed Major BS

...CHE, CHEM, CI, CIVE, CS, CT, ECE, ECEC...SOC, or WGST. +++ Three 300- or 400-level...

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