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CS 455 Computational Network Neuroscience 3.0 Credits

This course provides a broad introduction to computational network neuroscience, also known as connectomics, which is an interdisciplinary field between medicine, neuroscience, machine learning, and graph theory to students coming from a computing background. Processing of neuroimaging data to obtain brain networks, its analysis using basic statistical methods as well as advanced machine learning techniques, with applications on healthy and various patient populations will be covered. After taking the course, the student will become prepared for a postgraduate level research experience in the burgeoning field of connectomics.

College/Department: College of Computing and Informatics
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if classification is Junior or Pre-Junior or Senior.
Prerequisites: CS 172 [Min Grade: C] or CS 175 [Min Grade: C] or ENGR 132 [Min Grade: D] or BMES 202 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 331 [Min Grade: D] or PBHL 211 [Min Grade: D]

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