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ECEC 201 Advanced Programming for Engineers 3.0 Credits

This course will cover advanced usage and understanding of programming concepts using the C programming language within a Linux development environment. C will serve as a foundation for future embedded firmware and system level software authorship as well as a means to better understand the underlying program execution model and memory organization used by modern computing systems.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: ENGR 131 [Min Grade: D] or ENGR 132 [Min Grade: D] or ECE 203 [Min Grade: D] or CS 171 [Min Grade: D]

Computer Engineering BSCE / Cybersecurity MS ECE 105 , ECE 200 , ECE 201 , and ECEC 201 . Degree Requirements Note: Students majoring...

Computer Engineering BSCE / Robotics & Autonomy MSRA

...following courses: ECE 200 , ECE 201 , ECE 105 , and ECEC 201 . Degree Requirements Note: Students...

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