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ECEC 500 Fundamentals Of Computer Hardware 3.0 Credits

Covers computer organization and architecture; elements of computer hardware, processors, control units, and memories; hardware for basic mathematical operations; tradeoffs between speed and complexity; examples of embedded systems; microcontrollers; systems modeling.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Computer Engineering BSCE / Computer Engineering MSCE the 500+ level from subject codes ECEC, ECEE, ECEP, ECES, ECET, ECE. ?? 500+ courses...

Chemical Engineering BSCHE / Chemical Engineering MSCHE

...CMGT, CS, CT, ECE, ECEC, ECEE, ECEP, ECES...from: Any graduate course (500+ level) in the...

Internet of Things

...Requirements * 500-level or higher courses from ECEE, ECEP, ECEC, ECES, ECET, and ECE. ** 500...

Chemical Engineering

...the College of Engineering >=500 level Any graduate...CMGT, CS, DSCI, ECE, ECEC, ECET, ECEE, ECES...

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