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EDEX 514 Special Education Student Teaching Seminar 6.0 Credits

The seminar course is designed to develop the student's special education teaching knowledge, skills and abilities through field placement, supervision and reflective practice. Each week, the instructor and students will meet to share experiences, participate in best practice workshops, resource exploration, case study presentations and to reflect on what is being learned while student teaching in classrooms. Students will be required to complete 12 weeks of full time student teaching with increasing responsibilities to simulate the role of the PK-12 special educator. For more than half of the student teaching experience, students will assume full responsibility for the planning and delivery of instruction. Students will be assigned a university supervisor and be observed 5 times over the course of the term.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: EDEX 536 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 543 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 549 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 550 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 552 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 555 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 575 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 578 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 568 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 588 [Min Grade: B] and EDUC 521 [Min Grade: B] and EDUC 515 [Min Grade: B] and EDUC 522 [Min Grade: B]

Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certificate: Secondary Education

...Summer Credits EDEX 542 3.0 EDEX 544...Credits Winter Credits EDUC 514 * 3.0 EDUC...

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