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EDHE 620 Mind, Brain and Learning 3.0 Credits

This course focuses on current and emerging research related to the learning sciences and Mind, Brain, and Educations science. Neuromyths and evidence-based practices are explored. The course examines general neuroanatomy and processes associated with learning, memory, and emotion. Topics include neuroplasticity, brain imaging, differentiation, stress, and self-efficacy.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Health Science DHSc

...or EDHE 620 3.0 EDHE 621 (OR Elective [On Advisement]) + 3.0 EDHE 622...

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

...EDEX, EDGI, EDAM, EHRD, EDHE, ENTP, CRTV, MTED...575 3.0 EDLS 620 1.0 EDUC...

Certificate in Education Policy

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