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EDLS 650 Designing a Literacy Program 3.0 Credits

Course designed for literacy leaders in classrooms, schools and other instructional settings. Participants learn to synthesize research-based approaches to instruction with local, state and national standards into a cohesive and effective literacy program. Strategies for evaluating literacy assessments and materials for literacy instruction will be examined. The critical role of professional collaboration in the creation and implementation of effective literacy programs for urban environments will be highlighted. Students create and run a literacy program held on the Drexel campus during summer term. Students within a 60 mile radius are encouraged to attend on campus for at least 8 days. Students outside a 60 mile radius will create and run a Drexel-approved literacy program in their home location.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: EDLS 550 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 555 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 560 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 565 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 570 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 575 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 620 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 622 [Min Grade: B] and EDLS 623 [Min Grade: B]

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