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EDUC 205 Sophomore Pedagogy Seminar 1.0 Credit

Education majors only. Builds on the freshman seminar and incorporates service learning as an instructional strategy.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Can be repeated 3 times for 4 credits
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is EDUC and classification is Pre-Junior or Sophomore .

Biomedical Engineering BSBE

...Concentrations Additional Information Program Educational Objectives PEO - Graduates...176 ), HSCI (excluding HSCI 205 ). Please see the...

Materials Science and Engineering BSMSE

...research. Program Educational Objectives The educational objectives of...346 , SCTS 202 , SCTS 205 or approved by...

Materials Science & Engineering BS / Materials Science & Engineering MS

...of COOP 101 . ** General Education Electives *** Specialization tracks...346 , SCTS 202 , SCTS 205 or approved by...

Catalog Supplement

...Dance Pedagogy III: Dance Education for Adolescents and...years. Fall 2024 FASH 205 Fashion and Culture...

Biomedical Engineering BS / Biomedical Engineering MS

...of Drexel undergraduate cooperative education with the graduate...176 ), HSCI (excluding HSCI 205 ). Please see Biomedical...

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