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EDUC 210 Early Language Development 3.0 Credits

Provides preservice teachers an overview of language development in the early years of a child’s life from birth to age five, in the home and school settings. Topics include; phonological awareness, acquisition of phonetic knowledge, semantic understanding and syntactic use. This course requires additional field experience hours.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Minor in STEM Education

This minor can be coupled with a variety of STEM majors. It will provide an opportunity to explore STEM education and to develop core knowledge and practices in secondary STEM education. Successful STEM Education minor candidates may build upon the minor's coursework which leads to recommendation for PA teaching certification as a secondary teacher (grades 7-12) in one or more STEM content areas. Additional coursework for teacher certification includes student teaching and required Special Education and English Language Learner courses (an additional 2 courses + student teaching).

Software Engineering BSSE

...through serving as educators, supporting education and research...a well as CT 210 , CT 200 , CT...

Information Systems BSIS

...through serving as educators, supporting education and research...and Information Management INFO 210 Database Management Systems...

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics BSME / MSME

...Introduction to Thermodynamics ( ENGR 210 ), Fundamentals of Materials...of COOP 101 . ** General Education Electives *** If a...

Architectural Engineering MSAE

...Introduction to Thermodynamics - ENGR 210 Heat Transfer - MEM...statement of career and educational goals Competitive applicants...

Design & Merchandising BS

...Bachelor of Science degree educates students to conceptualize...Social Science electives: SOC 210 , SOC 215 , SOC...

Architectural Engineering PhD

...Introduction to Thermodynamics - ENGR 210 Heat Transfer - MEM...statement of career and educational goals. Competitive applicants...

Biological Sciences BS

...285 , HIST 290 , HSAD 210 , HSAD 328 , HSAD...Students pursuing careers in education, where a wider...

Minor in Philosophy

...broaden and enhance your education and help you...Elective: 3.0 PHIL 210 Philosophy of Sport...

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